306 Ann Street - History and Restoration

An Excerpt from Porchscapes:
"A Nineteenth-century House"

. . . After the deaths of Sophia’s mother in 1942 and Nathan Merwin in 1948, Sophia and her daughter Elizabeth lived alone in what had become known as the “Jennie Bell House.” When Sophia died in 1993 at the age of 101, Elizabeth had lived seventy-four years, of what would be her eighty-year life, under the watchful eye of an eccentric and domineering mother. The proud ladies had little money and refused any sort of assistance or “hand outs.” They spent all their time in the upstairs bedrooms and fed the invading raccoons.

This was home to Miss Elizabeth Merwin for about sixty years. After her death in 1999, Joe and Marianna Hollinshed purchased the house, began their research and developed a plan to restore the house as close as possible to the structure built in 1848. Due to rot and termite damage, the back portion of the house had to be completely reconstructed, which included bulldozing the ell portion of the house that once contained a second kitchen, a bathroom and an entry to the back yard. The reconstruction was recessed a foot to note a more recent addition . . .
Warshaw painting

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