1857 Beaufort

Preliminary chart of Beaufort Harbor, North Carolina . "From a Trigonometrical Survey under the direction of A.D. Bache, Superintendent of the Survey of the Coast of the United States. Triangulation by C.P. Bolles, Assistant & A.S. Wadsworth Sub-Assist. Topography by H.L. Whiting Assist. & A.S. Wadsworth Sub-Assist. Hydrography by the Parties under the Command of Leiut. Comdg. J.N. Maffitt & C.R.P. Rodgers, U.S.N. Assists. Verified [signature] M.L. Smith Capt. Topl. Engrs. Asst. in charge of Office." At bottom: "Redd. Drng. by L.D. Williams & J.R. Key. Engd. by J.V.N. Throop." North Carolina Collection