Ma & Pa Taylor's 1931 Golden Anniversary

1907 Postcard - 305 on far right
305 Ann Street - Contemporary photograph
In 1852, William Leecraft inherited the eastern half of Old Town Lots 74 & 84 from the estate of his father Benjamin Leecraft II (the Leecraft homestead was one the west side of the first block of Turner Street). William built this house at 305 Ann Street a few years before he built its neighbor to the east in 1856.  
In 1894, William Leecraft Arendell sold the home (inherited from his uncle William Leecraft) to Nelson Whitford Taylor Sr. (7 Sept 1856‒13 Sept 1948) and wife Mary Catherine Buckman (9 Nov 1860‒22 Mar 1965); Mary "Ma" Taylor occupied the home until her death at 104. 

In the introduction to my new Beaufort book, Historic Beaufort, North Carolina, A Unique Coastal Village Preserved, F. Borden Mace wrote, "Ma and Pa Taylor were like second parents to many of the children of Beaufort and the area around it. Once, a letter from Europe addressed only to 'Ma and Pa Taylor, North Carolina, USA,' was safely delivered! I was especially close to them because Ma was my Sunday school teacher and I played with her many grandchildren in the neighborhood."

Married February 24, 1881, when Nelson and Mary Catherine celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, the lovely and inclusive affair that was included in the February 26, 1931 edition of The Beaufort News. Click to enlarge and read in sequence.