John Rumley Family

Gray’s 1880 Map of Beaufort  noted much of Marsh Street was owned by the Rumley family. The lot at the southeast corner of Queen and Ann streets was owned by Mrs. Rumley.

John Rumley (1780-1815) was the son of William and Nancy Rumley. John Rumley and Sarah Gibble (1786-1860) were married 31 Mar 1805. Sarah Gibble was the daughter of Dederick Gibble (1750-1830) and Mary Easton, daughter of Col. John Easton.

John and Sarah had four sons and two daughters.
1.    Henry E. Rumley (1805-1860) was noted as a cooper; he died in Forks Washington County, Virginia.
2.    Bryan Hellen Rumley Sr. (24 Jun 1809-abt.1857) was a “mariner.” He married Brancy Hatsell of Onslow County 16 Mar 1832. They had six sons and three daughters.
3.    James Rumley (1812-1881), clerk of court, never married.
4.    Sarah (1815-bet1850-70) married George Washington Styron 8 Nov 1843. They had five sons.
5.    John Rumley (abt1818-bef1900), Methodist minister, first married Susan Fulford (1841-1909); they had four sons and two daughters. He later married Mary Whitehurst.
6.    Emeline G. Rumley (1821-1877) married Bryan Hellen 21 Dec 1842. Bryan was the son of Isaac Hellen. Emeline and Bryan had four sons and four daughters.

James Rumley
Clerk of Court and Judge of Probate Court

James Rumley was born 24 Nov 1812 and died 16 Dec 1881.
James Rumley attending 1875
Constitutional Convention
NC Archives & History
  • 1840 Carteret County Census noted James with four in his household—two of whom were slaves.
  • 1860 Census: James 47, (aunt?) Abigail Gibble 70 and niece Mary Rumley 24.
  • 1870 Census: 57 Clerk of Superior Court, niece Mary 33. Nearby on Marsh: John Rumley 55, County Register, Sallie 25. Also nearby on Marsh:  Brancy Hatsell Rumley 54 (widow of Brian H. Rumley), Bryant 28, California 20, Dedrick 19, Emily 16.
  • 1880 Census: Designated on Marsh Street was 67-year-old James Rumley, Judge of Probate, with niece Mary 43. Nearby were Brancy (Hatsell) Rumley 68, Brian 38, California 27, Emma 25.