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Sarah Gibble Rumley 1782-1840
Old Burying Ground
Captain John Rumley (-1815) married Sarah Gibble 31 Mar 1805. Sarah (1782-1840) was daughter of Dederick Gibble and Mary Easton. 

During the War of 1812, Captain Rumley was a private in Robert's Regiment - Carteret County Militia.

John and Sarah Rumley had three sons - Brian Hellen Rumley, James Rumley and John Rumley; John was born the same year his father was lost at sea - said to have drowned while negotiating Beaufort Inlet during a storm.
Brian Hellen Rumley Sr.
Brian Hellen Rumley Sr. (1809-1853) was a “mariner.” He married Brancy Hatsell of Onslow County 16 Mar 1832. They had six sons and four daughters. James Gibble, Mary, John Wesley, Samuel D., Brian Hellen, Sarah, Oregon, California, Dederick Gibble and Emma M. Rumley. Brian Sr. was only 43 when he died of yellow fever in Kingston, Jamaica. 

Brian Hellen Rumley Sr. was agent for W.C. Bell & Co. He was among the 1850 crew that sailed barque Louisa Bliss from Beaufort, around Cape Horn, to San Francisco with a cargo of lumber from William C. Bell & Co. (partners Thomas Duncan, Malachi Bell Roberson, Benjamin Leecraft and Benjamin Leecraft Perry). Others in the adventuresome crew were locals: A.M. Fales, James Busk, Samuel S. Duffy, William Penn Hellen, LeRoy Piver, James Gillikin, David W.(?) Noe, William Fuller Hatsell, James Lente Manney and Charles Whitehurst.

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    1875 Constitutional 
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    James Rumley
    Clerk of Court - Judge of Probate Court

    James Rumley was born 24 Nov 1812 and died 16 Dec 1881.
    • 1840 Carteret County Census noted James with four in his household—two of whom were slaves. Probably included his aunt Abigail Gibble.
    • 1850 Census: James 37, Abigail 62, Mary Rumley 15.
    • 1860 Census: James 47, Abigail Gibble 70 and niece Mary Rumley 24.
    • 1870 Census: 57 Clerk of Superior Court, niece Mary 33. Nearby on Marsh: John Rumley 55, County Register, Sallie 25. Also nearby on Marsh:  Brancy Hatsell Rumley 54 (widow of Brian H. Rumley), Bryant 28, California 20, Dedrick 19, Emily 16.
    • 1880 Census: Designated on Marsh Street was 67-year-old James Rumley, Judge of Probate, with niece Mary 43. Nearby were Brancy (Hatsell) Rumley 68, Brian 38, California 27, Emma 25.   

    Rev. John Rumley 
    Rev. John Rumley (1815-1888), Methodist minister, first married Mary Whitehurst (1822-1870). About 1872, Rev. Rumley married Susan Fulford (1841-1909) they had four sons and two daughters. Irvin (lived about six months), John Newman, James, Anne Fulford, William Closs and Julia Manney Rumley. Rev. John Rumley was buried in the Old Burying Ground; Susan Fulford Rumley was buried in Ocean View Cemetery.
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    • 119 Queen Street - Dill House circa 1827 (plaque) - In The Story of the Methodists in the Port of Beaufort, Amy Muse wrote, "In 1887, we acquired the present parsonage on Queen Street. The parsonage, the old Denard Rumley house, was remodeled by the addition of rooms on the south." (Denard was son of David Rumley)
    • 121 Queen Street - Rumley House circa 1826 (plaque) - The 1997 Survey referred to this as the home of Absalom Fulford; the dwelling was originally located on Front Street. Sheriff of Carteret County, Fulford's second marriage (1833) was to Naomi Hall Rumley. House moved to current location between 1924 and 1941.
    • 122 Queen Street - Rumley House circa 1843 - Shortly after his 1841 marriage to Susan Leecraft Manson, David Rumley dismantled this early 19th-century cottage and moved it by barge from Diamond City on Shackelford Banks. The 1843 plaque date indicates the year Gilbert Rumley gave Old Town Lot 58 to son David—thus, the cottage is much older.
    • 114 Marsh Street - Rumley House circa 1778. Capt. Dedrick Gibble gave half of this lot (New Town #22) to daughter Sarah (1786-1860), who married Capt. John Rumley (1780-1815) 31 Mar 1805. (Sarah Gibble was the daughter of Dederick Gibble (1750-1830) and Mary Easton, daughter of Col. John Easton.)
    • 209 Marsh Street - Rumley House circa 1854 - In 1853 James Rumley (1812-1881) purchased this lot; in 1867 he sold "with improvements" to Thomas Benton Delamar, who sold 30 years later to J.B. Jones.
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