How Gallant's Point & Gallant's Channel Got Their Names

1709 Map by John Lawson
North of Albemarle Sound - Moseley's 1733 Map
John Galland and his sister Penelope were the step children of Governor Charles Eden. (Originally, the name was most likely spelled Golland.)

John, born about 1698, and his sister Penelope, born about 1695, were the children of John Galland (abt. 1677-1704) and Penelope Belchier (abt. 1677-1716).

In 1705, after the death of John and Penelope’s father, their mother Penelope Belchier Galland married Charles Eden, who became the second governor of colonial Carolina in 1713.

Penelope Belchier Galland Eden died 4 January 1716. About 1719, Governor Eden built “Eden House” on Salmon Creek near Chowan River and the “Town on Queen Anne’s Creek.” Charles died of yellow fever in 1722; shortly afterward, the town was renamed Edenton in his honor. At this time, John Galland would have been about 24 and his sister Penelope about 27, then married to William Maule. MORE...