Charles Biddle's Time in Beaufort 1778-1780

This page is a transcription from the Autobiography of Charles Biddle.

Charles Biddle (1745-1821), the son of William Biddle and Mary Scull, was born in Philadelphia on December 24, 1745. Charles and his wife Hannah Shepard of Beaufort became parents of Nicholas Biddle of banking and political fame. Charles Biddle served as an ex officio trustee of the University of the State of Pennsylvania (now the University of Pennsylvania) during his term as Vice-President of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Executive Council (the equivalent of Lieutenant-Governor).

Biddle’s two years in Beaufort began when he married Hannah Shepard on November 25, 1778. It is believed that the couple either rented or purchased the Gibble House circa 1772 in the first block of Marsh. It is also believed that Hannah and her parents once lived in what is now known as the Sloo House circa 1768 on Front Street.
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