St. Paul's Cemetery


     The construction of St. Paul's Episcopal Church began in 1857 and was finished in 1865. In 1859, James W. Bryan of New Bern deeded land for the cemetery. 
     The oldest dated gravestone belongs to Mary Eudora Rieger; gravestone inscribed "Aug 22, 1858 | Minnie, only daughter of H. & F.J. Rieguer | aged 6 yrs 6 mos."  "Minnie" was born 1852 to German immigrant Henry Rieguer and wife Frances J. Davis, daughter of Joel Henry Davis Sr. and Sarah Chadwick. 
     1997 Survey: Approximately 300 gravestones are aligned from east to west, delineated by a low concrete curbing. A few plots have cast-iron fences, decorative concrete walls and brick vaults. There are several undated discoid-shape wooden markers. A low concrete stuccoed wall and Beaufort fence enclose the cemetery. The cemetery is located on the southeast corner of Moore and Broad Streets.
Photo courtesy Barbara Myers