Gray's New Map of Beaufort -1880

In 1880 Duncan's Steam Saw Mill was on Gallants Channel between Broad and Ann. The Custom House was on west Front Street near Wm. Duncan's property. In that same block of Front Street, Sarah Davis was noted as owning three houses that would be joined and become known as the Davis House. On the corner of Turner and Ann was the house of Mrs. Cramer, wife of then deceased Dr. Cramer who converted the 1796 courthouse into his home. Cap'n Thomas' house was on the corner of Front and Orange while his wharf was on the waterfront. On west Front Street, note the Seaside House that would later be expanded and become the old Inlet Inn. 

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This undated map, created by Jacob Chace for Gray, was never recorded or published by O.W. Gray & Son. The map has been dated 1877 and 1882 (when Gray's Atlas of North Carolina was published). 1880 is a more accurate date for this Beaufort map. 


CLUES to dating this map:

  • In 1870 Charles Lowenberg's home, Pollock and Front, was his private home. The structure was noted on Gray's map as the "Sea Side House - Chas. Lowenberg." In the 1880 census, Lowenberg was noted as an "hotel keeper." 
  • Gray noted Atlantic Hotel LOT, Pollock and Front, which means the map was done after the hotel was destroyed in the August 1879 hurricane
  • "O.W. Gray & Son" was not formed until 1875 when Gray's partner Prof. Walling retired. 
  • Gray's maps of a few North Carolina towns, available online, are all UNDATED and include "O.W. Gray & Son" on the maps. Sources date these maps circa 1882, most likely due to the date published as a set, part of Gray's NC Atlas. (Peter Sandbeck)
  • The Beaufort map does not include "O.W. Gray & Son" but does include the Jacob Chace stamp.
  • Therefore, it is believed that the Beaufort map was most likely a draft by Jacob Chace, perhaps sold in town but never registered or published.
  • Neither Gray nor Chace included a date on the face of their maps.
"Gray's Atlas Map of North Carolina"
in the 1873 "Gray's Atlas of the United States with General Maps of the World"
included an inset map of Beaufort Harbor