Ann Street Methodist - Mid-19th Century Memorabilia

Certificate of Admission to
Sunday School 1851

Images and text from an 18-page brochure, History of Ann Street Methodist Church, published in 1966, on the occasion of the 188th anniversary of the organization of the Methodist Church in Beaufort. The brochure was edited by Miss Emily Loftin (1898-1985). Posted here are a few images and excerpts from that publication.

The Sunday school ticket to the left was issued to Irvin

Irvin Fulford 1839-1872
Fulford, born March 31, 1839, son of Absalom Fulford and Naomi Rumley. Fulford later served as a Lt. in the CSA, was captured and held as a POW. He was the officer in charge of the artillary defense of Fort Fisher in 1864; his accounts of those battles have been preserved. Fulford was buried in the Old Burying Ground in Beaufort. (Fulford data from Mark Green.) The ticket was signed by Sup't. J.C. Manson* and Sec'y. A.C. Davis, father of Nannie Fletcher Davis Thomas. Click to enlarge images.

"Still in existence is a Deacon's License of 1840 to John Jones and a Sacrament Ticket given to 'Miss Mary' Thomas. Interesting, indeed, are the requirements made upon the early members.


Ann Street Methodist Church 
by E.O. Nielsen
(front of the 1966 brochure)

"Tickets were given quarterly to such members of the Church as were recommended by a class leader with whom they had met at least 6 months on trial. Those without tickets were regarded as 'strangers.' At every other meeting the Society in every place let no strangers be admitted. At other times they may, but the same person not above twice.

"Let no person who is not a member of our Society be admitted to the communion without a sacrament ticket which ticket must be changed every quarter.

"As to marrying, whoever marries an 'unawaken' person, defined as one we could not in conscience admit into the Society, will be expelled from the Society.

"Give no tickets to any that wear high heads, enormous bonnets, ruffles or rings."

* John C. Manson (Sup't. who signed the above certificate of admission) was a naval captain during the War of 1812 and, after being honorably discharged in 1815, became a prominent merchant. Manson operated a store at what is now the corner of Front and Turner streets.