Ann Street United Methodist Church

Painting by Stephen Sebastian, 
presented Christmas 1976 by Integon
 Corporation Winston-Salem, NC.
"Judge" Julius F. Duncan, Sr.
"One of the memorable men who taught Sunday School at Ann Street for years was 'Judge' Julius F. Duncan, Sr. Here he is pictured in a characteristic pose in the Court House. The calendar on the wall reads 1938. The class he taught was named in his honor and is still quite active. His granddaughter, Lou Willis, says that he was offered judgeship but he said he could not judge his fellowman. However, the title stuck anyway."

Miss Charlotte "Lottie" Sanders
"Miss Charlotte Sanders (better known as "Miss Lottie") is standing in front of her home on Front Street waiting to go to church where she spent most of her time. Her home was the Sloo House (now owned by Mrs. Harvey Smith) built in 1768. Miss Lottie is buried in the Old Burying Ground adjacent to the church." - Caption as included in the 1941 book.

These images were scanned from The Story of the Methodists in the Port of Beaufort by Amy Muse, Published by Owen G. Dunn Co., Printers, 1941
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