A Christmas Wedding-Remembering the Hatsells

Charles Ives Hatsell House circa 1902
December 2007 - One hundred and five years ago, the Hatsell and Clawson families were counting the days until their Christmas wedding - joining Charles Ives Hatsell (24) and bride Marie Ella Clawson (26) on December 25, 1902.

1902 was a busy year for Charlie Hatsell. He was not only planning a wedding, helping set up the new fisheries lab, but also building this house for his bride and family to come.

During the year, Charles Ives Hatsell was working at the new Federal Biological Laboratory—across Gallants Channel on Piver's Island. Charlie and his siblings were living with their Aunt Julia Read in the Hatsell home place in the first block of Orange Street. Charlie would take a short walk to the water and row to work in a small skiff. If necessary, he would catch a ride with his friend Cap'n Jack Willis who had a small boat on the west end of Front Street.

Charlie's bride, Marie Ella Clawson, was born in 1876 to Charles Alfred Clawson and Mary Louise Donovan. Charles Clawson was born in Sweden in 1838; Mary Louise was born in Ireland in 1840. After their December 24, 1868 wedding, they opened a general store on the south side of Front Street; they lived upstairs and Mary Louise baked bread and pastries for the store. In the early 1880s, the Clawsons built a house and bakery on the north side of Front Street, with a small bake house with oven at rear. In 1908, Charles Jr. built a new brick store, replacing the bakery; about the same time, the bakery operation moved into a new 2-story brick building behind the new general store. Clawson's Grocery and Bakery opened in 1909.

Charlie and Marie went on to raise three children in the house Charlie built on the lot next to and north of the 1827 Hatsell house. Their children…

FRANCIS GRAVES HATSELL was born July 29, 1905. Since Francis is noted on the 1930 census as a boatman for the biological lab, it was sometime after 1930 that he moved to San Antonio, Texas. There he married Helen Charles Proctor on November 25, 1936. Francis and Helen had two children—Carol Hatsell and Charles Proctor Hatsell. Francis Graves Hatsell died July 22, 1997 in San Antonio, Texas.
His son, Charles Proctor Hatsell, grandson of 1879 Charlie, was born on September 18, 1944. Doctor Charles Proctor Hatsell specialized in aerospace medicine in San Antonio for 33 years. He was a Colonel in the US Air Force, serving in Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. He died on March 16, 2006 and was buried with full military honors at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. Charlie was a long-time member of the Friends of the North Carolina Maritime Museum. Interestingly, his friend Yvonne Speer surprised him several years ago by researching his Beaufort roots and finding my painting of the Hatsell House circa 1827. The painting was purchased and placed in a prominent spot in Dr. Hatsell's house in San Antonio. Charles Proctor Hatsell is survived by three children and four grandchildren.

Little is known, as of now, about Charlie and Marie’s other two boys:
CARL ALFRED HATSELL was born August 28, 1907 and died June 27, 1988. Carl married Verna Eugenia Curren on November 14, 1940. They were Elaine Hatsell Glover’s parents and lived in the brick house on the south side of the other two Hatsell houses.
HENRY WILSON HATSELL was born September 6, 1911 and died June 23, 1964. On October 3, 1943, Henry married Helen Elizabeth Heffner. Helen was born on December 17, 1904 and died January 13, 2000 in Montezuma, Avery County, North Carolina.
In her later years, Marie Ella Hatsell was known by friends and neighbors as “Miss Marie.” In 1947, Charles Hatsell retired on his 69th birthday after serving 45 years at the U.S. Fisheries Laboratory on Pivers Island. Charlie died July 30, 1949.
The Charles Ives Hatsell House circa 1902, now named the Hatsell-
Clawson House, was restored in 2008. See Orange Street Restoration