Queen Anne - 1707 to 1714

Queen Anne was the reigning monarch when Beaufort became a town. She donated trees to line Ann Street – named for her, as was Queen Street.
Anne, born on February 6, 1665, was the second daughter of James II and Anne Hyde. She became Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland on March 8, 1702. On May 1, 1707 she became the first sovereign of the Kingdom of Great Britain.
She married George, Prince of Denmark, but the pair failed to produce a surviving heir (Anne suffered from Hughes Syndrome or 'sticky blood' which resulted in miscarriages).
Anne's reign was marked by the development of the two-party system. Anne personally preferred the Tory Party, but endured the Whigs. Her closest friend, and perhaps her most influential advisor, was Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough.
Anne's reign may be considered successful, but somewhat lackluster in comparison to the rest of the Stuart line. She continued to reign until her death at 49 years of age, in 1714, after a lifelong battle with Hughes Syndrome.