North Carolina's Five Oldest Towns

Mercator and Hondius . 1630 [i1]

While the Pamlico-Neuse region of North Carolina can boast of the state's oldest towns, it cannot claim the oldest permanent settlements. The cradle of North Carolina lies in the Albemarle Sound area where settlements, about Salmon Creek in present-day Bertie County and along the many south-flowing rivers which empty into the Sound, were begun sometime in the latter part of the 1650's.”1 

South Part of Virginia 
Detail notes Batts House [i2]
South Part of Virginia 1657
Nicholas Cumberford [i2]

“By 1655 Nathaniel Batts, the first known permanent settler in the region had a house along Salmon Creek at the western end of Albemarle Sound from which he engaged in trade with the Indians. Other settlers soon followed, and by 1663 more than five hundred people were probably living between Albemarle Sound and the limits of Virginia.”2
“On March 24, 1663, Charles II of England granted a charter for a part of the new world which ultimately included this new settlement on Albemarle Sound to eight prominent Englishmen who had supported his restoration. By October of the next year the Lords Proprietors, as these eight men became known, had incorporated this settlement as the County of Albemarle in the Province of Carolina.”3 MORE...