Charles L. Paul and "Colonial Beaufort"

"Sometime prior to the fall of 1713, permission had been obtained from the Lords Proprietors to lay out a town by the name of Beaufort at this site, and on October 2, 1713, Robert Turner had Richard Graves, Deputy Surveyor, lay out the town. A plat was made of the town by Graves and recorded in the office of the secretary of the colony. Streets were named; allotments were provided for a church, a town-house, and a market place; and lots were offered for sale. On that date, October 2, 1713, Beaufort came into existence." Charles L. Paul, Colonial Beaufort, page 20-21.
In compiling Porchscapes, The Colors of Beaufort, North Carolina--Three Centuries of History Woven Through Art and Words, my main source in documenting Colonial Beaufort was the work of historian Charles L. Paul. His thesis, Colonial Beaufort: The History of a North Carolina Town, is now online on the Town of Beaufort, NC's website.