Front Street Houses

Left to Right: J.D. Davis House, Nelson House, Jule Duncan House,
Sloo House, Morse House and Thomas-Humphrey House

J.D. Davis House circa 1812 – This house is shown on Gray’s 1882 map. It is said that the house was raised to 2 stories about 1843

John Hancock Nelson House circa 1790 - Capt. John Nelson, circa 1675-1759, owned large tracts of land north and south of the Neuse River including Garbacon Creek plantation. Nelson signed a petition in 1712 asking that the court be held in the area. He was on the first vestry of St. John’s Parish. Capt. Nelson’s great-great grandson John Hancock Nelson owned the 1790 Nelson House on Front Street.

18th Century Benjamin Perry/J.Duncan House 1920 - Benjamin Leecraft Perry married Elizabeth Manney in 1835. He was involved in coastal trading and was one of the wealthiest men in Beaufort before the Civil War—buying and selling land from 1832 to 1869. Many visitors in the early days boarded with Capt. Perry. The 18th century Perry House that stood on this lot was demolished in the early 1920s to make way for this house built by Judge Jule Duncan.

Sloo House circa 1768 – Two-story, 5-bay side gable house includes a two-story portico with Doric posts. Notable residents have included Capt. Sloo and Miss Hannah Shepard.

Joseph B. Morse House circa 1771 – This large 2-story, side gable house is 5 bays wide with a transomed 2nd-story entrance. A 3-bay, 2-story pedimented portico has Doric posts.

Thomas-Humphrey House circa 1907This is a traditional 4-bay Queen Anne/Colonial Revival house. Dr. James Manney had a house on this lot. It was razed before 1907 when Thomas Thomas built the current house with a widow's walk. It was occupied by the Humphrey family for many years.