The Wheatley House circa 1891

It is interesting to imagine sitting on this little unpretentious fishermens' cottage porch and witnessing the old train, which used to run down Broad Street, bringing the outside world to Beaufort. As it lumbered by this short block of Broad Street it would have also passed three sundries shops that sold everything form penny candy to 5-cent pickles. The three sundries shops were: Noe’s, Dave Williams’ Grocery, and Richard Rice’s fabric shop.
Charley Wheatley and his wife Emily Noe built this charming little cottage in 1891. Emily’s father, Benjamin R. Noe, sold them the property for $75.
The home appears to have originally been only two rooms with 10-foot ceilings. Windows in these rooms have the traditional 9 over 6 panes with the original wavy glass. As was usual in those times, the kitchen was most likely unattached for safety reasons. This kitchen evidently overlooked a barnyard for chickens and pigs, with necessary vegetable gardens and outhouses.
Additions and enclosures have been quaintly done; even the sunroom, which was originally an attached shed. The present owner enjoys this as her favorite room. It affords a view of her garden that she lovingly tends and shares with others during the annual Old Homes Tour and throughout the year.
The owner wrote: “it was a sad day when the tracks of the railroad were taken up from Broad Street. How many generations of pennies, nails, and even quarters were flattened as the train rolled over them…as the economy of Beaufort grew? The train had brought to 211 Broad Street some of the outside world…as logs from other countries went past…from the port at Morehead City to the Atlantic Veneer Company on the east end of Beaufort.”
Wheatley, Noe, Rice, Jarmin, Scott, and Harrell are names original to this block of Broad Street. Two descendents of these families still reside in the 200 block. Several are buried in the cemetery of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on this block on the south side of Broad.
The Wheatley House is featured in Porchscapes - The Colors of Beaufort, North Carolina.